Apple iPhone is one of the most successful smartphones in recent times

    The Apple iPhone is one of the most successful smartphones in recent times. This line of multimedia smartphones and Apple's Internet began in 2007, and since then a total of four Apple iPhone smartphone to date have been released, and the fifth was a few weeks. Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO, has always been there to raise awareness of the iPhone in most parts of the ceremony full of pomp and publicity. Remains to be seen if the tradition will continue in the new general manager, when Apple introduced the iPhone is held five come October this year. What is more certain is that the new iPhone is bound to wow existing customers and non-existent iPhone. This is supported in part by the well-documented facts in the success of all previous iPhones and partly by the specifications of the new features, and of course the new iOS 5, which begins with him.

    The iPhone line of smartphones has become so popular that the opening of a new series is always preceded by rumors and speculation, even the way before the actual date is determined. The event is closely followed worldwide and is always almost immediately overwhelmed by the interest and pre-orders for the gadget. The first iPhone was known simply as the iPhone, but Apple phoned the magic was going to revolutionize the smart phone industry, and he did. Since then, Apple's iPhone is still the phone to beat in this industry.

    At this time, the latest iPhone, Apple iPhone 4 is currently the thinnest smartphone with the resolution of the phone's display sharper and more each time. Is capable of multitasking and the ability to record HD videos. All this has to do with the new A4 processor and more RAM than double both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G before. These improvements not only that the phone has HD video, but also make your editing right within the available devices. IPhone technology fourth generation introduced in the retina display which is rumored to appear on the Apple iPhone in 5 to 4 large "screen. That should make all future iPhones multimedia experience an experience. The storage iPhone's capacity has increased and is now a possible 64 in the iPhone queue 4. Though not much talked about iPhone storage capacity 5 years, rumors of an Apple iPhone 200 GB 7 are already out and that most analysts that the time available to launch all the possibilities. The seventh generation of iPhone has two more years to go and you also have to wait for the iPhone 5 and 6 for the first day. However, the Apple iPhone is now almost religious following command can not wait that long before you begin to contemplate, speculate, meditate and entertain the next iPhone is rumored way before being considered by their creators. Apple's smartphone line iPhone certainly has a bright future ahead.

    The launch of Apple iPhone 4 last year in June 2010 was undoubtedly an important event to remember. With the slogan "This changes everything again Apple certainly ...," collided with another ship, with its 4th generation version of its popular iPhone. Returning a little into the history of the Apple iPhone, Apple has released in the last four generations of the iPhone in the last four years, releasing one every year as follows: the original iPhone in June 2007, the 3G iPhone in June 2008, the iPhone 3G in July 2009 and iPhone 4 in June 2010.

    So what makes the iPhone 4 so desirable? Let's step back and see what this smartphone packs. To start working on their physical standpoint, the iPhone 4 is designed a little different to its predecessor, the iPhone 3G. From the rounded back of the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 adopted a flat-looking rectangular block with rounded edges, and best of all, a stainless steel frame, which is responsible for giving this device a new image, polished game is very convenient. This stainless steel structure also serves as the phone antenna, a unique design, although there have been rumors and complaints of nervous antenna reception.

    Armed with an LED backlit 3.5-inch touchscreen, to date, the Apple iPhone has given users a tactile experience smoother and more skilled. With the processor running Apple A4 1 GHz and 512 MB of RAM, Apple has significantly increased the speed to its predecessors, but also offers the iPhone 4 cases smooth, quick test of experience. One of the main features of the iPhone 4 is its screen resolution of 960x640 pixels for registration. Pack the highest record of 326 ppi (pixels per inch, a measure of the quality of the image), not another smartphone to date or even tablets and monitors for the case have come to this. Therefore, high definition, this 'super' display is marketed as the "Retina Display", which basically says pack more pixels than the retina in the eye could see from the best viewing experience.

    Currently running on the latest IOS 4.3. 5, Apple iPhone 4 makes full use of user-friendly interface and intuitive design of Apple, which is probably the hallmark of Apple and the brand of fame. Packaging options flash memory size of 16 GB and 32 GB, more than 300,000 applications for consumers to choose from the App Store, which is also undefeated so far by its competitors in terms of absolute numbers and selection of applications available .

    With a 3-axis gyroscope and an accelerometer, the iPhone allows applications to track the motion detection, as used in games or even in your sleep cycle alarm detection of body movements during the dream. Although a little weak in one of the speakers, the true strength comes only from audio to connect headphones or sound output through the speaker docks. The iPhone 4 is really an iPod touch with the phone added in.

    With camera resolution increased from 3 to 5 megapixels, the iPhone 4 provides image capture capabilities decent, the best of everything with his video camera capable of capturing 720p HD at 30 fps. Packed with connectivity options ranging from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and support for HSDPA (also known as 3.5G), the iPhone 4 actually serves more than being a phone. It is also a pocket Internet browser, audio and video player, video camera, electronic book reader, gaming devices and so on. His capabilities are unlimited, limited only by the imagination of the creators of the application. apple iphone 4-1
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Apple iPhone is one of the most successful smartphones in recent times

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